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Kettic ListBox UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic ListBox, one of the composing DLL libraries of Kettic UI control package for ASP.NET AJAX, is a versatile and professional listbox creating control with unparalleled high performance. In this page, we will provide you with a simple overview for this control and a brief introduction of what you can do with it.
Kettic ListBox UI component is designed with plenty of server side events and client side events so users can freely control and customize this control to build a satisfying project based on specific requirements. Once this control is integrated into your UI program, you can find it just a piece of cake to fire events for listbox item inserting, reordering, transferring, updating, checking, as well as item deleting. You can either process a single item or multiple ones as you like it.

Data Binding

If you ever need to bind your listbox to another data source, that is also covered by this Kettic ListBox UI control for ASP.NET AJAX. Right now we provide detailed user manual to help user bind listbox to ASP.NET declarative data source (including SqlDataSource, EntityDataSource and LinqDataSource), or you can bind a listbox to XML data source or XML file. You might need to compile a few Visual C# .NET codes or Visual Basic .NET, and we have provided the demo codes for you as well.

Load On Demand

Apart from that, this Kettic ListBox UI ASP.NET AJAX control also provide load on demand support. This is functionality is extremely useful when your listbox includes a large number of items, because with loading on demand triggered, the listbox will only load the items that are currently in the visible area instead of the entire of it, thus greatly improve the efficiency and loading time for a better user experience.


In addition, using Kettic ListBox UI library control for ASP.NET AJAX, you can configure its buttons in any way you like. You will be able to add buttons to allow for item deleting, item reordering as well as item transferring from one listbox to another.


Moreover, this powerful Kettic ListBox UI control for ASP.NET AJAX can also allow you to easily process your listbox items, including checking / selecting, dragging & dropping, border setting, resizing and so on.


We also provide a variety of ready to use listbox templates for you to select from. And if you also want to change the look and feel of your listbox, just try for the built-in skins we have prepared for you. If you do not like them, you can feel free to make any modification as you see fit, or you can simply create your own skin from scratch.

Get Started Now

After the brief introduction above, I guess now you might have a general idea of what you can do with this ListBox UI control. As a matter of fact, there are still many other features waiting for you to discover! Right now you can simply download the free trial to get started with it!