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ListBox Feature Support CheckBox in ASP.NET
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Information to ListBox CheckBox Support

Using the ListBox Control, developers can easily display the listbox items in the form of checkbox by adding a checkbox to each item. After you activating the checkbox support feature, you can check one, more or all items with few clicks.
From this online tutorial page, you will find sample codes on how to add checkboxes to items in the listbox using ASP.NET AJAX.

How to Activate CheckBox Feature Programmatically

In this section, we will offer detailed programming example for you on how to add checkbox next to the item in the listbox.
With the ListBox control, it is an easy task to add checkboxes to the items in the listbox. What you need to do is to set the CheckBoxes property to true. Then there will be a checkbox appearing next to each item in the listbox.
The following example is used to show you how to display the listbox items in the form of checkbox.
<kettic:PerListBox ID="PerListBox1" runat="server" CheckBoxes="true" ShowCheckAll="true" Width="220px"
<kettic:PerListBoxItem Text="PerListBoxItem1" />
<kettic:PerListBoxItem Text="PerListBoxItem2" />
<kettic:PerListBoxItem Text="PerListBoxItem3" />
<kettic:PerListBoxItem Text="PerListBoxItem4" />
<kettic:PerListBoxItem Text="PerListBoxItem5" />
<kettic:PerListBoxItem Text="PerListBoxItem6" />
To help you have a better understanding of the result of above listbox checkbox enabling application, we attach an image here.
Explanation: from above attached image, you will find there is checkbox called Check All. Sometimes, we may need to select all the items of the listbox. And it will be time consuming if the target listbox has a large number of items. Therefore, to save time in checking all the items in the listbox, the PerListBox control offers a property called ShowCheckAll. If you set this property to true, then the Check All checkbox will appear in front of all the listbox items. And with an easy click on this checkbox, all the items in the listbox will be checked.
If you have any other additional questions about the checkbox feature, please feel free to contact us.

Other ListBox Related Features

Apart from the checkbox function, the PerListBox Control also offers other advanced item managing features, like