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ListBox Feature Transfer in ASP.NET
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Information to ListBox Item Transferring Feature

In the real life application, we may need to transfer items from one listbox to another. In order to help developers achieve this function, the PerListBox Control specifically offer this item transferring feature.
In following content, coupled with detailed sample code, we will guide users how to transfer and exchange items between listboxes in ASP.NET web application.

How to Use Item Transferring Feature in ListBox

In this part, we mainly guide you how to enable the item transferring feature in the PerListBox control. And to be first, we will briefly illustrate the functions of following three properties that will be used in the item transferring project.
AllowTransferDuplicates property: if you want to achieve item transferring by moving or copying one item from a listbox to another, you need to set this property to true. Important note: When setting the TransferMode to Move, the item will be moved from one listbox to another. If you set the TransferMode to Copy, the item will be copied into another listbox.
AllowTransferOnDoubleClick property: if you set this property to true, then you can transfer the item between listboxes by double clicking the item.
ShowTransferAll property: if you set this property to true, then the item transferring buttons will appear between two listboxes. If you set this property to false, then these buttons will be hidden.
AutoPostBackOnTransfer property: if you want to fire a postback on the item transfer action, you need to set this property to true.
The sample programming code listed below is used to demonstrate how to use above listbox properties for transferring items.
PerListBoxSource.AutoPostBackOnTransfer = true;
PerListBoxSource.AllowTransferDuplicates = true;
PerListBoxSource.AllowTransferOnDoubleClick = true;
PerListBoxSource.ButtonSettings.ShowTransferAll = ShowTransferAll.Checked;
The image below is a screen shot for the result of above ASP.NET item transferring application.
Note: from above image, you will see that there are four transferring buttons placed between these two listboxes. The buttons with two angle brackets enables users to transfer all items from one listbox to another one.

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