$99 VS $1000+. UI Control for ASP.NET AJAX(contains chart and gridview).
Kettic Filter UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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This Filter control is one of the composing components for the Kettic UI suite for ASP.NET AJAX, which be integrated to provide filtering capacity for your application. With this assembly DLL, users will find it has never been so easy to build advanced filter expressions, specify expressions according to data type of source fields, and attach to data bound controls.
This Kettic filter control is intuitively designed to provide end users with easy filtering, and also provide them with simple filter expression creation though a few clicks. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, Kettic also provide data input filters to ensure the entered filter pattern is valid and accurate.

Basic Features for Filter Control

This filter DLL assembly can provide extremely user friendly Visual Basic building. With so many commonly used filter expressions prepared for you in advance, you only have to click and select the filter options and that is all.
Most of the generally used filter expressions are included such as "Contains", "EqualTo", "LessThan", "GreaterThan", "StartsWith", "EndsWith", and on on.
When you created a custom filter options or selected a filter criteria based on your requirements, this Kettic filter DLL component also allow you to save and load it for future use.
Built for .NET applications, this filter control offers perfect compatibility with .NET, and it can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft .NET 2.0 and all above versions.
In addition, this control can also enable filter for any data bound control with a special connection mechanism, which you can customize according to your requirements.
Multiple properties and client side events are also provided by this Filter control so you can easily create a Kettic filter, destroy one, or display / show one in your application.
Kettic filter control also provides you with plenty of built in skin templates which you either apply directly, or you can modify to create a custom skin the way you like it.
Taking different user needs into consideration, Kettic filter control offers a few options for field editors, which covers numeric data, text data (both numeric and alphanumeric), dropdown, Boolean value checkbox, just to name a few here.