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Kettic Filter UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Filter is one the controls that are included in the Kettic UI suite for ASP.NET AJAX. Once integrated into your user interface designing project, users will find it such a piece of cake to build complicated filter expressions, attach filtering functions to other data bound components, etc. Designed with user friendly and intuitive user interface, this filter control provides you with a number of commonly used filter expressions, and you can also create more on your own with simply a few clicks.

Filter Control Integration

Using this filter control, users can create customized filter expressions to interact directly with other ASP.NET AJAX UI components or the corresponding data source that they are bound to. This filter DLL assembly can be easily integrated into all Microsoft .NET Framework, ranging from 2.0 and above versions. You can follow the step by step guide we have provided to help you get started.

Filter Expression Support

Kettic filter control provides you with both default filter expression templates as well as custom filter expressions. With simply a few clicks, users can easily apply different types of filter expressions which are used on a daily basis, or create custom filter expressions based on their own requirements. We have listed a few examples here, and you will find many more options with the demo package.
  • PerFilterBetweenFilterExpression
  • PerFilterNotBetweenFilterExpression
  • PerFilterContainsFilterExpression
  • PerFilterGreaterThanFilterExpression
  • PerFilterGreaterThanOrEqualToFilterExpression
  • PerFilterLessThanFilterExpression
  • PerFilterLessThanOrEqualToFilterExpression
  • PerFilterEqualToFilterExpression
  • PerFilterStartsWithFilterExpression

Load and Save Filtering Settings

To improve your working efficiency, Kettic filter component also provides the functionality to save your filtering settings and options so you can directly load them to apply next time. You can find related .NET sample codes in the downloaded trial package.

Filter Field Editor Selection and Customization

In order to help you build customized filter field, this filter control provides you with six types of field editors to cater to your different requirements. These field editors all come with corresponding design, and you can make modification upon that as you wish.
  • PerFilterBooleanFieldEditor
  • PerFilterNumericFieldEditor
  • PerFilterTextFieldEditor
  • PerFilterDateFieldEditor
  • PerFilterMaskedTextBoxieldEditor
  • PerFilterDropDownEditor

Filter Control Client Side Events

Apart from the options introduced above, this Kettic filter component also provides you with some client side events to help you control it better. Several examples are listed here for your reference, and you can find some more in the detailed guide for filter client side events.
  • OnFilterCreating
  • OnFilterDestroying
  • OnFilterShowing

Supported Filter Skins

With the help of skin, user can easily control the look and feel of your filter control. We have provided you with a few nicely designed skin templates which you can directly apply. However, you can also design your own filter skin from scratch, or, simply make some modifications based on the skin templates provided.
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