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Kettic NavigationBar UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX Navigation library offers users the complete and mature web navigation controls to set and specify navigation bar on web page of any modern browser, such as, Firefox, IE, Google Chrome as well as Safari.
To be specific, KT.UI Navigation controls mainly provides users these specific navigation tools: navigation templates to let users take full control of the appearance of the navigation bar with three certain template types; easy to use navigation items expanding and collapsing components (expanding navigation bar in three modes: single expanding, multiple expanding and full expanding as well as all items collapsing); robust programming classes for data biding of PerNavigtionBar control; complement client side and server side events handling tools within ASP.NET application; and the last simple to use navigation bar styles setting components, mainly including controlling navigation bar appearance and skins.

Features Overview of KT.UI PerNavigationBar Component

This part focuses on demonstrating the major features and benefits of KT.UI PerNavigationBar Control for ASP.NET AJAX. Getting well informed of this information, users can easily apply our advanced and comprehensive PerNavigationBar product.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and any later version
  • Support to integrate within all the modern web browsers, such as, IE 6.0 and greater version, Firefox 0.8 and above, Google Chrome, as well as Safari 2.0.4 and above
  • Client side and server side sample codes to guide users to add, remove and customize NavigationBar items
  • Complete and advanced keyboard support, covering both web (access keys and tab) and windows (arrows), interact with all of the navigation items with quick keystroke combinations
  • Full options to set and control appearance of NavigationBar within ASP.NET project, for instance, set skin property to change the navigation look and fell
  • NavigationBar expanding and collapsing controls to set and organize navigation items by offering hierarchies options (at the top level are the root items, which may have a set of child items, and child items may have their own sets of child items, like Children of level 1 items are considered level 2 items)
  • Utilize data source controls to bind data to the ASP.NET navigation bar library
  • Support for templates to create totally user-defined NavigationBar object, including ContentTemplate, HeaderTemplate and ItemTemplate
  • Scrolling option automatically appear if there is too many items within navigation bar item
  • Always runtime royalty free
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