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Kettic ColorEditor UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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PerColorEditor of KT.UI for ASP.NET is a robust and reliable user interface component that enables developers and end users with rich color selection and specification tools. In addition, PerColorEditor also provides more than twenty predefined color suites for speeding up the programming progress and mature color palette displaying and setting controls. For satisfying the needs of individualizing color editor, multiple preset skins are offered, and users also can customize your own. Finally, advanced keyboard support is provided to interact with the color picker control using easy-to-customize keyboard strokes.

PerColorEditor Control Product Overview

Kettic.UI for ASP.NET PerColorEditor Control is developed to offer users the most comprehensive web color defining user interface component. The specific functions and features are included in following table list:
  • Easily to be integrated within Visual Studio ASP.NET application in version 2010, version 2012 and version 2013
  • Specific 25 Preset Color Palettes are used to speed up your work with PerColorEditor control
  • 25 ready-to-use color palettes like Grayscale, Web216, RGB, HSB, HSV, ReallyWebSafe, Office, etc. are designed for quick web color settings
  • Offer tool for defining Color Palettes, users can easily customize your custom color palette, as well as combine custom with preset palettes if it is necessary for you
  • Users are free to set the color palette visible or set it can be evoked using the client-side API alternatively
  • Available control to set "No Color" and Color Preview on the particular palette
  • Mature option for configurable Palette Layout, users can define the number of color columns to be displayed in the color palette or leave them to be set by PerColorEditor control automatically

PerColorEditor Controls Quick Access

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