$99 VS $1000+. UI Control for ASP.NET AJAX(contains chart and gridview).
Kettic DataPager UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Summary of DataPager UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Users can easily integrate the Kettic DataPager UI for ASP.NET AJAX PerDataPager control to a web ASP.NET application within Visual Studio, which provides a set of control elements, templates and client side events to help users with easy and efficient custom intervention.
In this article, we are going to display the product information in following aspects:
  • Brief introduction to PerDataPager elements- four field types
  • PerDataPager skins control within ASP.NET project
  • PerDataPager template component for ASP.NET AJAX
  • ASP.NET PerDataPager client side event
  • DataPager Control for ASP.NET features

PerDataPager Field Types

Here we just simply and briefly explain the four PerDataPager field types.
  • PerDataPagerButtonField - this pager field contains buttons with numeric pages or buttons for navigation to First, FirstPrev, Last, Next, NextLast, Numeric, Prev, PrevNext page.
  • PerDataPagerPageSizeField - this pager field contains PerComboBox for changing the current page size.
  • PerDataPagerTemplatePageField - this pager field enables users to create a custom paging UI.
  • PerDataPagerGoToPageField - this pager field contains PerNumericTextBox and a button for navigating to certain page number.

PerDataPager Skins

DataPager skin control can be implemented as embedded web resources in ASP.NET for a very easy and convenient Visual Studio developing environment. Users can add CSS file to web project to embed skin property to set your DataPager with particular skin.

PerDataPager Template

Users are able to create custom paging UI by using the PerDataPagerTemplatePageField control. Users can use it to display custom navigation controls and show information about the underlying data source, including the total number of records, current page number, etc.

PerDataPager Client Side Event

Use RadDataPager client-side assemblies and approaches to set client API properties, what's more, advanced public properties and methods are offered and available.

DataPager Control for ASP.NET Froperties

Our reliable and robust PerDataPager control has the following properties and benefits for using it within Visual Studio ASP.NET application.
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and all the greater versions
  • Can be embedded with both web ASP.NET and C# ASP.NET projects
  • Can be combined with other KT.UI ASP.NET AJAX controls and components
  • Four complete and easy to set PerDataPager fields for customizing control elements
  • A set of skins control are offered to fulfill different web navigation look and fell needs
  • Advanced template support is given for designing your own pager
  • Variable client side events are available for setting your own page navigation control
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