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General Introduction for ASP.NET Button Control

As an important control of Kettic UI fot ASP.NET AJAX, this PerButton control not only enables users to create various button types in aspx web page but also offers them the ability to customize the style of created button programmatically. Users can successfully embed this button control into their ASP.NET web applications which have installed .NET Framework 3.5 or later versions.
And this online article aims to illustrate the main features that the ASP.NET button control has owned. And you are free to test its functions by downloading the trial version and any advice or suggestion for the application of the PerButton control is welcomed.

Available Features

The PerButton control integrates the mature button creating skill and latest ASP.NET AJAX technologies. And in this part, we will introduce this button control from following major three aspects, which are button type, appearance setting and event programming.

Supported Button Types

Six commonly used button types are supported by the PerButton control. The Standard Button type is used as the default button type.
  • Standard Button
  • Icon Button: this button type allows users to add one or two icons at the standard button. It is an extension of standard button.
  • Image Button: you can use the image to represent the button or you can use the image as the background image of target button. Image button is also an extension of standard button.
  • Link Button: this button owns the ability to navigate users to other site by defining the link.
  • Toggle Button: the PerButton control can be easily used as a toggle button (like a check box, a radio button or other customized toggle button.)
  • Split Button: with the split button type, you can easily create an extra button next to the main button.

Supported Button Appearance Settings

The look of button can be fully customized at your own specifications.
  • Skins: the skin has the power to determine the general appearance of the button. Using images and a CSS, the skin can easily define the style of all button visual elements.
  • Size: all size related dimensions about the button can be defined respectively.

Supported Programming Events

The PerButton control offers a series of events and APIs for developers to create a button that is able to respond to users' actions, like mouse click and mouse hovering.
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