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Kettic.UI for ASP.NET AJAX SDK has been perfectly designed to provide users the market-leading calendar user interface controls and components. Our Calendar library mainly can be devided into two sections: PerCalendar & element controls and PerCalendar pickers.
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  • Overview of PerCalendar & element controls and PerCalendar pickers
  • Brief introductions to calendar controls features of KT.UI for ASP.NET

PerCalendar Controls and PerCalendar Pickers

PerCalendar controls of Kettic UI for ASP.NET is designed to provide developers and end users with a collection of user-friendly components for selecting and setting date and time values. Following list demonstrates the supportable PerCalendar Pickers within Web ASP.NET application.
  • PerCalendar DatePicker: users are able to enter both the date and time value according to own needs in the input area and set it automatically from a calendar popup by using datepicker control.
  • PerCalendar TimePicker: users are capable of inputting a time directly to the input area or choosing it from the popup time view control by using this picker of KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX.
  • PerCalendar DateTimePicker: by using this picker, users are able to select both a date and a time value. Perdatetimepicker combines the features of PerDatePicker and PerTimePicker.
  • PerCalendar MonthyearPicker: users are able to select and set both a month and a year value by using PerMonthyearPicker with PerTimeView controls.

ASP.NET Calendar Controls Features

  • Can be easily implemented within web ASP.NET application and C#.NET programming project
  • Compatible with all the popular web browsers, for instance, IE 6.0 and the later, Firefox 2.0 and the later, Google Chrome and even Safari
  • Mature title, navigation controls and column & row headers setting tools developed within ASP.NET
  • Variable time and date pickers can be easily embedded to facilitate quick and easy date and time selection on any of your web page
  • Simple to select and set month and year via east to use MothYear picker popup
  • Easy to create and set templates that can be used on special days, such as holidays, to provide a unique viewing experience
  • Complete controls are offered to define and customize calendar styles, including appearance, styles and skins within ASP.NET project
  • Multiple calendar client side and server events are provided for different embedded PerCalendar control
  • Also support keyboard support, which means that users can navigate throughout the entire control using keyboard
  • Always runtime royalty free
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