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ToolTip Control for ASP.NET AJAX
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This article is written as a general introduction to the basic features and functions of this Kettic ToolTip control library for ASP.NET AJAX. This component is developed by the devoted Kettic User Interface (UI) team to ensure that users will have easy access to create a flexible and custom tooltip within their web pages.
In the following section, we will briefly introduce some of the major features and functionalities of this Kettic tooltip UI control. You can also navigate to corresponding web pages to get more detailed information. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to our service support, and we will try our best to help.

ToolTip Control Features and Functionalities

Easy to Customize ToolTip Settings: This tooltip component provides a variety of property settings which you can use to adjust your tooltip from different perspective. Listed here are just a few of those available.
  • Text: Web developer can set this property to define the tooltip displaying content.
  • Title: Web developers can set this property to define the tooltip title displayed at the top.
  • Position: Web developers can also use this property to define where to place the tooltip.
  • ManualClose: Developers can use this property to add a delete button inside a tooltip.
Create Multiple ToolTips: Web developers can use the ToolTip control to create a tooltip for a single element. However, you can also use the ToolTip Manager to create batch tooltips for all the elements within a web page or just a number of them.
  • You can easily create tooltips for all the HTML elements within an ASP.NET web page.
  • You are enabled to create tooltips for a list (user defined) of target elements.
  • You are enabled to create tooltips for a list (user defined) of target elements.
Automatically ToolTip Creation Support: There might also be times when you would like to automatically create tooltip for a single element or batches of them in your web page. This feature is also supported and provided by Kettic UI control library.
  • You can use the AutoToolTip to automatically add tooltips for all the elements inside a web page.
  • You can also use the ToolTipZoneID and ClientID properties to add tooltips for just a collection of target elements.
Client Side Event Provided: Kettic ToolTip UI (User Interface) control DLL also provides a few client side events to allow you for simple tooltip customization. You can take a quick look at the four client side events supported.
  • ClientBeforeShow is a client side event that occurs right before the tool tip displays.
  • ClientShow is a client side event that occurs as the tool tip appears.
  • ClientBeforeHide is a client side event that occurs in advance to the disappearance of a tooltip.
  • ClientHide is a client side event that occurs as a tooltip hide itself.
Rich Options of Server Side Properties: When designing your tooltip, web developers can also resort to the flexible server side properties to create a custom tooltip within an ASP.NET AJAX web application. Listed below are simply a few examples of these server side properties, and you can find out more.
  • Sticky: This property helps you create a sticky tooltip so that it will not hide when the mouse is moved away from it.
  • ShowDelay and AutoCloseDelay: These two properties will help you define the delay time for the tooltip to show or hide, and it is measured in milliseconds.
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