$99 VS $1000+. UI Control for ASP.NET AJAX(contains chart and gridview).
Kettic FileManager UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic FileManager component, which is a composing part of the Kettic UI suite for ASP.NET AJAX, is a powerful and easy to use control designed to help you add file management and exploration capacity into your web pages. With this component integrated into your project, you can allow your users to intuitively manage your files and folders directly from your ASP.NET web page.
  • This FileManager control provides outstanding performance and user experience
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc
  • Provide keyboard support and can work perfectly on desktop and mobile devices alike
  • Offers rich options of skin templates to help you build custom FileManager interface
  • Detailed user guide and demo codes are provided to help developers get started

Client Side API and Events

Users can easily control this FileManager control with JavaScript thought the client side APIs we have prepared for you.
  • Select an item in the grid with client side API
  • Change the selected item or alter the name of the selected grid item
  • Delete or remove an item with client side events
  • Rename an item or move it so another place
  • Copy a file or folder from the grid or tree with client side API

Keyboard Support

To improve operation efficiency, users can also interact with Kettic FileManager control with simple combination of key stroke.
  • Focus the filemanager, toolbar, treeview, grid, grid paging slider
  • Open the context menu, popup Window, files
  • Create new folder, upload files and delete the selected file or folder
  • Go back or go forward one view

FileManager Interface

With this file manager control, you can allow your users to manage existing files and folders, create new ones. All these can be done simply within file directories on your server.

File Download Support

Just in case if your users ever need to save the viewing files to their local disk, this Kettic FileManager control can help you easily download the selected file to the local system in no time.

File Upload Support

Yes we also provide file upload support. Currently you opt for synchronous or asynchronous uploading. Additionally, you can also preview the files before uploading them!
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