$99 VS $1000+. UI Control for ASP.NET AJAX(contains chart and gridview).
Kettic Captcha UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX owns high capability of offering users the comprehensive and simple to use captcha interface controls as well as the corresponding online tutorials for these components. The major properties, controls and online components tutorials are listed here for helping users understand our products quickly:

Kettic Captcha UI Features and Benefits

KT.UI Captcha library owns a set of excellent features and composite benefits that let itself be the market-leading captcha user interface control. Here we give a table list on the basic requirements of UI for ASP.NET AJAX Captcha component as well as the brief introductions to its major features and benefits.
  • The PerCaptcha control can be easily implement within ASP.NET AJAX application within Visual Studio 2010, 2012 or any later version
  • PerCaptcha UI can be fully programmed within Web ASP.NET application and ASP.NET C# project
  • Can be directly displayed on modern browsers, for instance, IE 6.0 and the later, Firefox 2.0 and the greater, Google Chrome and even Safari
  • Composite text and audio code captcha options to satisfy different user needs
  • Audio Code support to enable the captcha code to be generated via audio file
  • Tool for defining which character set the captcha control will derive its image from
  • Mature and various captcha protection modes, an invisible textbox or a minimum form submission time to prevent automated form submissions
  • Simple and robust captcha errors message control in your existing validation summary control
  • Full client side and server side events for offering help on perfect web captcha programming
  • Available sample APIs and codes for guiding users to set captcha feature text box and label decoration
  • No limitation of the captcha text language, complete choice for captcha interface for all of your users
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