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Captcha Feature TextBox and Label Decoration in ASP.NET
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Overview of Captcha TextBox and Label Decoration

KT.UI Captcha Control has been aiming at providing users the most composite and realiable web captcha setting and customizing controls and programming classes within ASP.NET AJAX application. This page is arranged to show users how to set captcha feature TextBoxDecoration and TextBoxLabelDecoration with available sample ASPX codes.
To be specific, KT.UI PerCaptcha provides users with two mature and useful properties - TextBoxDecoration and TextBoxLabelDecoration, which are developed to offer controls to apply style decoration following the standard decoration properties. With these two properties, users are capable of setting BackColor, Font, width, height as well as other attributes within very short time and quite easy codes.
This tutorial page mainly delivery following information in three modules:
  • What are TextBoxDecoration and TextBoxLabelDecoration
  • How to set TextBoxDecoration and TextBoxLabelDecoration properties with online demo ASPX codes
  • Other relevant tutorials for PerCaptcha control of KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX

TextBoxDecoration and TextBoxLabelDecoration

For easily demonstrating PerCaptcha featur: TextBox and Label Decoration, we give a sample screenshot below.

  • TextBoxDecoration: this refers to the blue box in the sample image
  • TextBoxLabelDecoration: this refers to the TextLabel following the blue text box
KT.UI for ASP.NET provides full client side controls to set and define these two composite properties: such as, mature tool for specifying Border, backcolor, font, width, height, etc.
In the following example ASPX codes, users can customize the BackColor, BorderStyle, color, width, font and size of the TextBox and TextBoxLabel within ASP.NET project.

<kettic:PerCaptcha runat="server" ID="PerCaptcha1" >
<TextBoxDecoration BackColor="LightBlue"
BorderStyle="Solid" BorderColor="Chocolate" BorderWidth="3"
Font-Underline="true" Height="50" />
<TextBoxLabelDecoration Font-Bold="true" Font-Italic="true" Font-Size="Large" />

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This page mainly focuses on how to set captcha feature TextBoxDecoration and TextBoxLabelDecoration properties by using KT.UI for ASP.NET Captcha Controls within ASP.NET project. If you want to find more guides on other captcha components, you can check following recommended tutorials.