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Create a Simple Captcha in ASP.NET AJAX
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Brief Introduction to Captcha Control

KT.UI for ASP.NET captcha control aims to offer users the mature and easy to implement captcha adding and submission components within web ASP.NET application. In addition, further advanced captcha error message adding control is provided to offer users better guides.
Our web ASP.NET UI products, including web captcha control can be well integrated within Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and all the above versions, and are compatible with commonly used web browsers, IE 6.0 and the later, Firefox 2.0 and the greater, Google Chrome and even Safari.
In this tutorial page, we prepare to guide users to start with KT.UI captcha control from following two sections:
  • How to create an ASP.NET web application
  • How to add captcha control to web page with the support of KT.UI SDK

How to Create an ASP.NET Web Application

As described above, we set up captcha control within Visual Studio ASP.NET application, thus, at the very beginning, users are supposed to install and start Visual Studio in version 2010, 2012 or any later version. In this demonstrating process, we build and create captcha control within Visual Studio 2010. Please do as following step by step guides.
  1. At first, users need to select New | Web Site from the Visual Studio 2010 File menu;
  2. Secondly, please select the "ASP.NET Web Site" and enter a defined name and specify the web application location path. A demo screenshot is display below to help users with a better visualizing guide.


How to Add Captcha Control to Page

In this part, guides on how to add captcha control to web page are offered to demonstrate using PerCaptcha control to set up and validate page submission.
  1. At first, in the default web page of newly implemented ASP.NET AJAX web application, drag and drop an AjaxPanel component from the Toolbox;
  2. And then, drag and add a PerCaptcha control from the Toolbox into the built AjaxPanel.

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This page is for getting started with KT.UI for ASP.NET Captcha Controls within ASP.NET project, for further operation on captcha component, users can get more guides via following recommended tutorials.