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ToolBar Overview in ASP.NET AJAX
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Toolbar control library, a basic composing part of the Kettic ASP.NET AJAX UI (User Interface) SDK, is designed and developed to help you easily create a custom toolbar into your ASP.NET web project.
In this page, we will provide you with a brief overview for this toolbar control along with corresponding user manual pages, which you can navigate to in order to get more detailed information as well as complete sample codes.
Please note that we have listed just a few of the most popular user guides in the coming sections. You can find a whole lot more functionalities by downloading the evaluation and try for yourself.

How to Use ToolBar in ASP.NET

We provide detailed guide to explain the composing elements of a Kettic toolbar. Right now there are three types of toolbar button for you to select from: common toolbar button, toolbar dropdown button, and toolbar split button. Each of these buttons contains different properties and settings, so you can select one and create a custom toolbar according to your requirement.
Besides the three types of buttons which mainly make up of a general toolbar, users can also customizing your toolbars further by adding an image, inserting other third-party controls into it, etc. If you want to insert another control, like a textbox / combobox, you need to refer to this toolbar template tutorial page, which provides complete guidance along with necessary demo codings.
In addition, web developers can also improve your toolbar performance by setting the single click property. You can select from two values for this property, so that either the clicked button or the entire toolbar is inactive while processing a request. In this way, you can perfect avoid multiple postback or call for your server and improve the efficiency.
Moreover, it is always important to include the data binding functionality for a UI control like toolbar. We provide a variety of data binding options to perfectly meet your requirement. For example, using this toolbar control, users will easily bind a toolbar to data source like Array, ArrayList, DataTable, LinqDataSource, XMLDataSource, SqlDataSource, etc.
Of course, you can also customize the client side events for your toolbar control, through which you can control behaviors such as button clicking, drop down opening, drop down closing, checked state changing, and so on. Complete sample is provided with corresponding Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET and JavaScript codes.
Apart from that, web developers can also customize the server side events to customize your toolbar user interface control library. Since most of the simple behaviors can be achieved with client side events, server side events only allow you to control button clicking, button data binding, and item creating.
Last but not the least, web developers and designers can firstly download the free trial version to get it started, so you can proceed with an evaluation to see it works out for your program before any purchase. Please note that we provide service support for both licensed customers as well trial customers, so please feel free to send an email to the support team for any request.