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Toolbar Control Elements in ASP.NET
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Toolbar is another user interface control which is commonly used in an ASP.NET AJAX web application. In this page, we will provide a brief introduction to the composing elements of Kettic toolbar control, as well as a simple overview for the consisting elements of specific toolbar button types. Please read the following sections to learn about the details.
In general, a common toolbar is similar to a navigation bar to some degree. It is usually made up of different types of buttons, and the three most popular ones are supported by Kettic toolbar control. The buttons we are talking about here are toolbar buttons, drop down buttons and split buttons, which are to be introduced, along with their composing elements, in the paragraphs below.

Toolbar Button Elements

We encounter toolbar buttons a lot these days, and it is a very common element of a toolbar control. This button type functions in the way of click-and-run, that is, web developers or designers can directly click this button in order to perform a preconfigured task.
In the getting started guiding page, we will provide details to show you how to integrate a toolbar button into your ASP.NET AJAX web application. After it is created successfully, users can freely customize the elements we mentioned here with aspx sample codes.
  • Text: By setting this property, developers can specify the human readable text string to be displayed for the button.
  • Enabled: Web developers can also customize this element to decide whether the button is active so that users can directly click it to complete a task.
  • Group: This element can be really helpful as developers can put a patch of toolbar buttons into a group so they can perform as radio button for users to select only one among them.
  • Tooltip: Programmers can also set this element so that your specified tooltip text will display once the user hovers his / her mouse over the related button.
  • CheckOnClick: Button with this element has two states only: checked and unchecked. When set to true, a button can switch between the two modes with a simple button click from the user.

Toolbar DropDown Button

Drop down button is another element of Kettic toolbar control for ASP.NET AJAX application. Different from a common toolbar button, which can be clicked to perform a task, this drop down button can be clicked to display a drop down list instead. Of course, inside the drop down list, there are a few toolbar buttons which user can click to complete a task.
  • Text: Developers can set the Text element to decide what to display for the drop down button.
  • Enabled: Once set to true, users can expand or collapse a drop down simply by clicking on it.
  • Tooltip: Similar to a common toolbar button, you can also set up a tooltip for a drop down button to display with mouse over.
  • Visible: This is a brand new element for the drop down button, as developers can set this property to decide whether this drop down is visible.

Toolbar Split Button

A toolbar split button is a combination of the above two types of buttons in a way, because it includes both a split button, which can directly complete a task just like toolbar button, and a drop down arrow, which can display a drop down when clicked by users.
  • Text: Again this element can help you define what to display for the split button.
  • Value: Developers can set this element to set the value associated with a certain split button in your toolbar.
  • Value: Developers can set this element to set the value associated with a certain split button in your toolbar.
  • Visible: You can customize this element to decide if a split button is visible.
In the above sections, we have provided just a simple introduction for the elements of a toolbar - buttons, along with its corresponding composing elements. And you can find more by trying out the trial for yourself.