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ToolBar Feature in ASP.NET
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Kettic toolbar control library is an efficient and easy to use component included in the ASP.NET User Interface library SDK. It can be easily integrated into a Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET web application to add a flexible and powerful toolbar, and provide custom functionality.
In this guiding page, we will mainly focus on a very important and useful feature of this Kettic toolbar control, that is, the single click capacity. Read the following sections and you will find out three types of single click function to better customize your toolbar control.
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Toolbar Single Click Feature

What is this Single Click feature and how it can help you with your toolbar customization? Well, as a matter of fact, Single Click is a cool property of Kettic toolbar, which is designed and applied so that multiple callbacks and postbacks can be avoided.
Once this Single Click property is set, users can click a button once, and not again for the second time until the former request is performed and completed. In this way, it can greatly take the load off your server so as to focus on a single request with better efficiency and processing speed.
So what are the options for this Single Click feature? Right now you can choose from three types of values to set to the Single Click feature. Each value has a specific effect on the Single Click feature. In the list below we will introduce each of them to you in details, so you can select a proper one for your toolbar to perform accordingly.
ToolBar Single Click: When this value is set to your Single Click toolbar property, none of the buttons in your current toolbar can be clicked unless a previous request is performed and fulfilled.
Button Single Click: If you select this value for your Single Click property, it will not freeze all your buttons while processing a former request. Instead, it will inactivate only a single button, that is, the clicked button, while the other buttons remain active and clickable.
None Single Click: If setting this value to your Single Click property, not a single button will be inactive when processing a former request. In other words, you can click any button in your toolbar for multiple times. In this way, you have given up on the former two types of single click options.