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Kettic DropDownList UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic UI PerDropDownList for ASP.NET AJAX is an easy to use and mature web page control for simple selection. With this lightweight product, users are able to select single item from a predefined drop down list in high speed.
In addition, our PerDropDownList UI control can be integrated within mobile and tablet devices without any more third party configuration, featuring at friendly processing interface to the end user. What still makes KT.UI PerDropDownList component so popular is the functionality of full support for binding to all ASP.NET 2.0 DataSource components in server side, such as SqlDataSource, EntityDataSource, and XmlDataSource.
In following texts, we will list and demonstrate the major features and benefits offered by KT.UI PerDropDownList control.

Introductions of Features Supported by PerDropDownList Control

KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX PerDropDownList control is well known with the great capability of combining with Web ASP.NET and C# ASP.NET application within any supportable Visual Studio version, such as 2010, 2012 and 2013. Following table list shows the extraordinary features and benefits of PerDropDownList.
  • Data Binding - KT.UI PerDropDownList application provides rich options for data binding declarative entries, server-side (for server side, complete methods are offered for setting data source using DataSource controls) and client-side (APIs for setting data source using Web services and OData) for setting data source, to which the PerDropDownList is bound.
  • Virtual scrolling function - well developed KT.UI for ASP.NET PerDropDownList Virtual Scrolling functionality is offered to users who need to quickly deal with large data sets on a certain web page and need to use a dropdown list virtual scrolling tool that can be used load and display any wanted contents and data sets.
  • Templates - client side templates and serve side templates are designed to provide the ability to define your own visual presentation of the entries contained in the drop-down area.
  • Keyboard navigation control - KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX PerDropDownList allows users to use the keyboard for any inputting operation that can be realized by mouse, such as, selecting items, scrolling up and down the items and define and input the name of item to navigate to it.
  • Support for cross-browser - the DropDownList control can be implemented within the entire desktop modern browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.