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Kettic NavigationBar UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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In addition to Barcode, Calendar, Chart and Button controls, KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX still offers quite flexible and mature navigation component - NavigationBar control for users that can be integaretd within ASP.NET applications.
KT.UI NavigationBar control includes a hierarchy of items, at the top level are the root items, which may have a set of child items, and child items may have their own sets of child items, like Children of level 1 items are considered level 2 items; children of level 2 items are considered level 3 items; and so on.
From this NavigationBar control overview tutorial page, users can lean that:
  • Specific features and benefits of KT.UI PerNavigationBar Control within ASP.NET project
  • Other recommended NavigationBar component functions guides

Specific Features of KT.UI PerNavigationBar Control

In this section, we try to demonstrate all the major features and benefits of KT.UI PerNavigationBar Control for ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Can be integrated within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and any later version
  • Support all the modern web browsers, such as, IE 6.0 and greater version, Firefox 0.8 and above, Google Chrome, as well as Safari 2.0.4 and above
  • Easy to use APIs and sample codes to guide users to add, remove and customize NavigationBar items
  • Advanced keyboard support, covering both web (access keys and tab) and windows (arrows)
  • Full options to set and control appearance of NavigationBar within ASP.NET project, for instance, set skin property to change the navigation look and fell
  • Support for templates to create totally user-defined NavigationBar object
  • Multiple properties to strength the abilities for NavigationBar
  • Always runtime royalty free

Other Relevant NavigationBar Control Guides

This page acts as the overview of KT.UI NavigationBar components, users can get the basic developing concepts and basic features of NavigationBar control. However, NavigationBar consists of a collection of particular applications and functions, users can find the detailed information for each one by reading and clicking following links.