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The PerHtmlEditor Control is a business-oriented component that is designed to help develoepers create an advanced and multi-functional editor in ASP.NET web application. Developed from ASP.NET AJAX, this html editor control enjoys an active and friendly interaction with the users. In this index page, we will briefly list the functions the html editor component has owned.

Structure of HtmlEditor Control

As is said above, this PerHtmlEditor Control owns rich functions. And in this section, we will briefly introduce each component that makes up the html editor.
  • Toolbars: by default, the top part of the html editor is the toolbars (of course, developers can easily place the toolbars at left, right or bottom of the html editor). Toolbars are several bars where the functional tools are located. And these html editor tools may appear on the toolbars with following four forms: buttons using which you can perform functions by an easy click, drop-downs using which you can adjust the format style like color, font, css, paragraph and inserting table, dialogs using which you can control and manage the inserted object.
  • ToolStrip: toolstrip, in essence, is a drop-down. Different from other drop-downs, the toolstrip populates tools that own similar functions. Therefore, toolstrip is a useful method to arrange a group of tools in the html editor.
  • Editor Modes: the PerHtmlEditor control offers three commonly used editor modes for users, which are Design Mode for content editing, HTML Mode for modifying content with html code and Preview Mode for viewing content before updating the web page. These three editing modes can be easily switched by users in ASP.NET.
  • Modules: the special tools that appear on the html editor, like the tool to count the content words and the characters, are called Modules. Apart from the statistics modules, there are dom inspector module, node inspector module and html inspector module.

Other Supported Features of HtmlEditor Control

Apart from the functional tools that are mentioned above, there are some other features the PerHtmlEditor control has offered.