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HtmlEditor Feature Editor Showing in ASP.NET
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Information to HtmlEditor Showing Feature

The showing feature of the Html Editor Control for ASP.NET AJAX refers to the functions that are provided for users to change the displaying mode of the html editor. For instance, you can hide all the toolbars of the html editor for disabling the editing functions. Or you can display the html editor in the full screen mode.
In this online tutorial, we will guide you how to use the editor showing feature for completing different editor displaying tasks in aspx web page.

How to Use Html Editor Showing Feature

In this section, we will show you how to use above mentioned html editor functions for modifying the showing mode of the PerHtmlEditor Control.

How to Disable Html Editor Programmatically

The editing tools that are placed at the toolbars of the html editor control can be disabled. The Enabled property of the PerHtmlEditor Control is used to control this function. For instance, if you set the Enabled property to true, then you can use the tools in the toolbars for editing the content of the html editor. On the contrary, when you set the Enabled property to false, the toolbars will not be displayed in the web page and the content can not be edited either.
Here we attach two images which aim to show the difference of setting the Enabled property to true or false.
Set Enabled property to true
Set Enabled property to false
Besides, we also list a programming code here to help you use this property.
<kettic:PerHtmlEditor runat="server" ID="PerHtmlEditor1"  Height="375px" Width="755" Enabled="true">
C# Code
PerHtmlEditor1.Enabled = true;

How to Expand Html Editor in Full Screen Mode

Another function to modify the editor showing mode is use the full screen mode. By default, the html editor created by the PerHtmlEditor Control will not be expanded to the full web page. But if you want to open the html editor in the full screen mode when the page is loaded, you can use the ToggleScreenMode property.
Similarly, we attach sample images and programming example here to guide you use this editor showing function. In general, the html editor will not be opened in full screen version.

And following image is used to represent the result when applying the full screen mode property.
<kettic:PerHtmlEditor runat="server" ID="PerHtmlEditor1"  SkinID="DefaultSetOfTools" Height="675px" Width="755">
<kettic:EditorToolGroup dockingzone="Left">
<kettic:EditorTool Name="ToggleScreenMode"></kettic:EditorTool>

C# Code
EditorToolGroup group1 = new EditorToolGroup();

EditorTool fullScreen = new EditorTool();
cut.Name = " ToggleScreenMode ";

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