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HtmlEditor Feature Import and Export in ASP.NET
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Information to Import and Export Feature

Have you ever thought of export the information from the html editor to other file types? If yes, you may have a strong interest into the import and export feature of the PerHtmlEditor Control. This PerHtmlEditor Control allows users to export data from html editor to PDF file. Besides, using it, you can also import and export data from or to RTF file type.
In following content, coupled with detailed programming examples, we will guide developers how to use the import and export feature of the PerHtmlEditor Control.

How to Import Information from RTF to Html Editor

What is RTF? Short for Rich Text Format, RTF is a file format, which is provided by Microsoft and has similar functions with Word. This file format has been often used to exchange text files among various word processors in different operating environments.
In this section, we provide a sample c# code to illustrate how to import information from rtf file into html editor in ASP.NET web application.
FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(Server.MapPath("RtfEditor.rtf"), FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);

How to Export Information from Html Editor to RTF File

Besides the function to import information from rtf file, the PerHtmlEditor Control also provides the function to export data from editor to rtf file format. The export to rtf task can be easily finished using the ExportToRtf() property.
You can refer to following code for detailed programming method to output information from html editor to rtf file.

How to Export Information from Html Editor to PDF Format

What is PDF? Nowadays, owing to its high security and unified standard, PDF has been counted as one of the most commonly used document format among many business organizations. And PDF file can be exchanged cross different platform.
With the import and export feature, it is extremely easy and straight-forward for developers to output the information from the html editor to pdf format. Here we attach a programming code for you to illustrate how to export to pdf using C# code.

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