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HtmlEditor Dialog XHTML Validator in ASP.NET
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Information to XHTML Validator Dialog

What is XHTML validator dialog? The xhtml validator dialog provided by the PerHtmlEditor control is designed to help user validate the current editor content by using the W3C XHTML Page. After the validation, the W3C service will return a compliancy report (which includes the information of validation result, the file name, file size, content type, encoding type, server information, root element and root namespace)within the editor dialog.
Why do we need to use the XHTML validator dialog? Without the Xhtml validator dialog, to validate the editor content, you have to copy the HTML content in another browser window manually. Thus, this dialog will eliminate some unnecessary actions that you make when you are trying to validate the xhtml content.
The picture attached below is used to represent the result of applying the xhtml validator dialog in html editor.

How to Enable XHTML Validator Dialog

In above section, we briefly introduce the functions and benefits of the html editor xhtml validator dialog. Then how to activate the xhtml validator dialog in the PerHtmlEditor Control using ASP.NET AJAX? Actually, the xhtml validator dialog can be easily enabled by simply declaring the Xhtml validator programmatically.
Following sample code is used to demonstrate how to add the xhtml validator dialog to html editor in aspx web page.


<kettic:radeditor id="PerHtmlEditor1" runat="server" skin="Default">    
< kettic:EditorToolGroup>
< kettic:EditorTool Name="XhtmlValidator" Text="Xhtml Validator Dialog" />
</ kettic:EditorToolGroup>
</ kettic:radeditor>

C# Code

EditorToolGroup group1 = new EditorToolGroup();
EditorTool validator = new EditorTool("XhtmlValidator");
Besides, if you want to define the xhtml validator dialog using C#.NET programming code, we can also help with that. Following C# code is used as a sample to guide you to create the xhtml validator dialog in html editor. If you have any question about this xhtml validator dialog, please feel free to contact us via E-mail.

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