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HtmlEditor DropDown Insert Table in ASP.NET
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The PerHtmlEditor Control offers an insert table drop-down for users to add table into editor content area in an easy way. And this tutorial page will illustrate how to insert table into html editor. Following image is added here to represent the insert table drop-down.

How to Insert Tables into Html Editor

As is said in above, the PerHtmlEditor Control enables users to insert tables into editor content area with two possible methods. And in this part, we will provide you with detailed guidance on how to insert table with two methods respectively.
Method 1: insert table via table builder
This table inserting method is recommended if you want to insert a simple table with least time. The table builder looks like a matrix board with separate cells. And you can insert table into the editor content area with an easy drag-and-drop action.
Method 2: insert table via table wizard
If you want to insert a complex table into the html editor, then you may need to use this table wizard. Using the table wizard, you can easily create table with any number of columns and rows. Besides, the cell and table properties can be all customized.

How to Customize Inserted Table

By default, the inserted table will not have any styles no matter which method you are using to insert the table. Therefore, you may need to customize the table style with additional actions.
For instance, you can change the table size by dragging the table boarder.
And of course, other table attributes can be all self-defined. Here we list the properties that are used to adjust the style of inserted table.
  • User can use Width/Height to define the height and the width of the table.
  • You can also add css class to the table via CSS Class.
  • The table background color can be set using Background.
  • You can also use an image as the table background.
  • You can also use an image as the table background.
  • Other table layout related properties are Cell Spacing, Cell Padding, CSS Class Layout and Style Builder.

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