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HtmlEditor Feature Track Changes in ASP.NET
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Information to Change Tracking Feature

What is the change tracking feature? The track changes feature that is offered by the PerHtmlEditor Control allows users to keep track of or keep record of the changes that user has made when editing and modifying the content in the html editor. For instance, when you are deleting existing content from html editor, the track change feature will highlight the modified text in colored borders.
And you can find five tools in the toolbars of the html editor which are related to the track changes feature. Here we list these change tracking feature related tools.
  • AcceptTrackChange: this tool is used to accept the last change that user has made.
  • RejectTrackChange: this tool is used to reject the change that user has selected.
  • AcceptAllTrackChanges: this tool is used to accept all the changes that user has made in the content area.
  • RejectAllTrackChanges: this tool is used to reject all the changes that user has made in editor content.
  • RejectAllTrackChanges: this tool is used to reject all the changes that user has made in editor content.
Following programming example is provided to guide developers how to add above change tracking tools in the toolbar of the html editor in aspx web page.
<kettic:EditorTool Name="AcceptTrackChange"></kettic:EditorTool>
<kettic:EditorTool Name="RejectTrackChange"></kettic:EditorTool>
<kettic:EditorTool Name="AcceptAllTrackChanges"></kettic:EditorTool>
<kettic:EditorTool Name="RejectAllTrackChanges" ></kettic:EditorTool>
<kettic:EditorTool Name="EnableTrackChangesOverride"></kettic:EditorTool>


How to Modify the Settings of Change Tracking Feature

The PerHtmlEditor Control offers users three properties to modify and configure the settings of the change tracking feature, which are Author, CanAcceptTrackChanges and UserCssId. In following text, we will briefly talk about the functions of these three properties.
  • Author: this property is offered to help developer further specify the TrackChangesSettings inner-configuration-tag the Author's name.
  • CanAcceptTrackChanges: this property controls whether the user can accept the modifications in the content area.
  • UserCssId: this property is used to change the style of the track change feature.
To help you better use these change tracking properties, we here specifically offer a programming example.
<kettic:PerHtmlEditor ID="PerHtmlditor" EnableTrackChanges="true" 
runat="server" Width="600" Height="400 ">
<TrackChangesSettings Author="PerEditorUser" CanAcceptTrackChanges="true" UserCssId="reU0">
Following image is attached here to represent the result of above change tracking application.

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