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Kettic HtmlEditor UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Combining latest ASP.NET AJAX technology and advanced word processing techniques, the PerHtmlEditor Control enjoys great popularity among ASP.NET UI Controls on the market. Besides rich and mature text editing and processing tools, this html editor also integrate a wide range of features for better content editing, management and interaction.


The PerHtmlEditor Control offers properties for developers to customize the behavior and the position of the editor toolbars.

Buttons, Drop-downs and Dialogs

The tools of the html editor can be displayed in the form of button, drop-down and dialog.
  • Button: developers can add and remove buttons easily to / from the toolbar. Besides, apart from the pre-set tool buttons, you can also add your own custom button.
  • Drop-down: the style related tools are often represented in the drop-down form, like font, color, paragraph, css style, format style and inserted table style.
  • Dialog: using these dialogs, developers can easily manage inserted object, format various types of codes and validate the content html code.


If you want the html editor to have the ability to check the text spells automatically, you may use the spell checker. The spell checker allows developers to add custom dictionary to the html editor.


The PerHtmlEditor Control uses the modules to represent some special tools, including statistics, dom inspector, node inspector and html inspector.

Content Management

The content management functionality here mainly refers to the paste format function and clean format function.

Advanced Editor Features

Similar to some popular and advanced word processing applications, the PerHtmlEditor control also owns some special and great text editing features.
  • Three editing modes: it offers Design, HTML and Preview three modes for users to edit the content.
  • Editor Showing Settings: you can disable the text editing functions by hiding the toolbars and you can expand the editor to the full screen.
  • Change tracking feature allows the editor to keep a record of the changes that user has made in content area.
  • Comment function enables user to add, remove and modify comment in the html editor.
  • Import and exporting function makes it possible for user to input and output information from / to the .rft file and export editor content to pdf document.

Style and Appearance

The tone, feel and look of the html editor can be all customized via the Skin property. By pre-defining a set of images and a css spreadsheet, developers can add custom skin style to the html editor.

Interaction Using Client Programming Events

The PerHtmlEditor Control offers several client side programming events, using which developers can easily enable the editor to respond the actions performed by the end users.
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