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Kettic ListView UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic ListView control, one of the consisting DLL libraries of Kettic UI control suite for ASP.NET AJAX, is a professional and easy to use component for creating and designing listview in your application.
Designed to provide you with the best user experience and high performance, this Kettic ListView control is carefully developed to provide you with all the necessary functionalities and capabilities. In the following sections, we will explore each feature in general so you can obtain a general idea of it.

ListView Data Binding

Instead of inputting each value one by one, Kettic ListView control allows you to apply data binding to get your listview connected with various kind of data source:
  • ListView data binding with SqlDataSource;
  • ListView data binding with EntityDataSource;
  • ListView data binding with LinqDataSource.

ListView Item Filtering

Once you have applied data binding for you listview, sometimes it is just out of the question to go through each of the items to locate a single one. In case, a simple filter expression will help you to get the desired result.
  • A number of common filter expressions predefined and embedded;
  • Also support creating your own filter expressions and adding to the collections for future use;
  • Complete demo codes provided to easily apply item filtering within your ListView.

ListView Templates

In addition, Kettic ListView control has prepared with plenty of cool templates which you can directly apply, so that you don’t need to build the structure and layout for each of the items and listviews, etc.
  • A number of templates predefined and embedded;
  • Also support creating your own listview templates and save it for other purpose;
  • Detailed guidance and sample codes are provided for templates utilization and customization.

ListView Grouping, Paging, Selecting, Sorting

Furthermore, Kettic ListView DLL library can also allow web developers and your end users to arrange your listview in your defining ways to get a desired presentation and layout.

ListView Built-In Skins

When everything else is all set, you might want to apply one of the built-in skin to get a consistent look and feel for your listview and items.
  • You can select one from the prefined skins by simply setting the skin property;
  • You can make proper modification for the embedded skins for your listview;
  • Or you can just completely build a new skin of your own according to your requirements.
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