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Kettic ToolBar UI Control for ASP.NET
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Kettic ToolBar UI (User Interface) control library is designed by a professional development team dedicated to provide you with the best user experience. It can be easily integrated into a C#/ Visual Basic ASP.NET AJAX web application to create a custom toolbar with simple steps.
Before you download the trial package to get started with the evaluation, please read the following sections first, as we will provide you with a brief introduction to the general features and functionalities offered by this cool tool bar control for ASP.NET.

ToolBar Control Features and Functions

To begin with, Kettic ToolBar provides flexible button elements. Currently there three commonly used button types which you can directly add to your toolbar, and user can freely customize corresponding properties and settings to get a custom toolbar with ease.
  • Easy to add a toggle button into your toolbar
  • Easy to add a dropdown button into your toolbar
  • Easy to add a split button into your toolbar
Besides the pre-configured button types mentioned above, web developers can also add other third party controls into your toolbar, such as Kettic textbox, combobox, just to name a few here. All you need is a toolbar button template to get this done within steps.
Another very important feature of this Kettic ToolBar control is the ability to avoid multiple postbacks or callbacks by setting the Single Click property. Once this property is applied, you can greatly improve the efficiency and speed for your toolbar control.
  • Set Single Click to your ToolBar so that the entire toolbar is inactivated once a button is clicked and a request is being processed.
  • Set Single Click to your Button so that the clicked button is inactivated until the request is completed and you can click it again.
  • Set Single Click to None value so that not any button in your toolbar will be inactivated and each of them can be clicked while a request is being performed.
Additionally, web developer might also need to use this data binding functionality when you want to populate your toolbar with data from a certain data source through data binding. For this need, we provide the following options:
  • Toolbar data binding to Array, ArrayList
  • Toolbar data binding to DataTable, Dataset, etc
  • Toolbar data binding to SqlDataSource
  • Toolbar data binding to XMLDataSource or an XML file
  • Toolbar data binding to LinqDataSource
On top of that, Kettic ToolBar UI control also provides flexible client side events and server side events so help you control and customize the tool bar behavior. From the demo and guiding page, you can get complete javascript and Visual C#/ Visual Basic .NET codes.
  • Client side events for button clicking
  • Client side events for drop down opening and closing
  • Client side events for checked state changing
  • Client side events for mouse over and mouse out behaviors
  • Server side events for button click, item creation and button data binding
Please note that we provide service support for just any users, regardless of whether you have purchased a license or not. So you have any questions, do not hesitate to write an email and we would be glad to provide help.
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