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Kettic DropDownTree UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic DropDownTree control is a lightweight and easy to use ASP.NET AJAX component which can enable you to create a hierarchical drop down tree with customized appearance and capacities. We provide a number of features and functionalities to help you create a perfect DropDownTree as required.

Data Binding Options

Besides creating a DropDownTree with your input by adding and removing entries, nodes, etc, this DropDownTree component can also allow you to add data binding options. Most of the commonly used data binding sources are supported, such as:
  • Binding Kettic DropDownTree control to Array;
  • Binding Kettic DropDownTree control to DataTable;
  • Other data source binding options are also provided.

Single and Batch Checkbox Selection

Based on different purposes, you can build a Kettic DropDownTree that allow users to select a either a single checkbox or multiple ones. This can be easily achieved with the checkbox state customization.
  • You can select None, which includes not a single checkbox;
  • Or you can select a single checkbox with SingleCheck setting;
  • If you want to select an entry and all of its child nodes, you can opt for CheckChildNodes;
  • Other than that, TriState provides a mixture of the previous situations. You can also select all or clear all with a simple button click.

Search Text and Filtering

For a quite informative DropDownTree, you might want to add filtering functions for your users, so that they can quickly find a certain item by typing search text into a text box.
  • You can allow them to search for entries that StartsWith or Contains the search text;
  • The search text matching process can be applied within node text only or corresponding node content;
  • You can if you prefer highlighting the matched text or not;
  • You can also define a minimum length for the search text.

Selected Item Delimiter Viewing

Once an item or several items are selected, you can decide how it should be displayed with a delimiter: whether it should cover the node text alone, or you would like it to show the full path.
  • FullPathDelimiter allows showing the a single entry for its full path with delimiters between each composing part;
  • Entries Delimiter allows showing several selected entries with delimiters in between.

Client-Side and Server-Side Events

We also provide a number of server-side and client-side events to better handle user interaction, and at the same time create a customized DropDownTree for your project as required.
  • Open and close DropDown with client-side programming;
  • Easily add or remove an entry from the DropDownTree entry area client-side or server-side;
  • Control button clicking behavior with simple AJAX and .NET codings.
Apart from the features and functions introduced above, DropDownTree control also provides many other choices, such as keyboard navigation support, design-time support, cross browser support, as well as built-in skins for your reference. You can get more details from the online documentation pages, or from the downloaded package.
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