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Kettic Dock UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic Dock UI for ASP.NET AJAX

With the dock controls from our UI SDK for ASP.NET AJAX, developers can easily create a moveable and fully customized content placeholder in aspx web page. And the moveable content placeholder can be easily dragged around the web page, docked into specific docking zones, pinned at certain place, collapsed into minimized state or expanded to maximum state. Anyway, the PerDock Control can be extremely useful for developers to manage multiple windows in aspx web page.

Supported Functions

In this section, we list the advanced functions and unique features that these dock controls has owned. And if you want to see detailed illustrations for these functions and features of the PerDock Control, you can follow attached links.

Free to Add Custom Dock Elements

The PerDock Control offers separate properties for developers to customize the settings of each dock element. For instance, you can define the color, orientation and forbidden function of dock zone. As for another dock element command, you can freely combine some built-in commands or you can easily use your own custom commands in the dock title bar.

Easy to Design the Dock Title Bar Template

The dock title bar template is free to be customized. Apart from the title text, you can also integrate other third-party controls into the dock title bar template.

Compatible with Mobile Developing Applications

The Dock Controls for ASP.NET AJAX also offers mobile support.

Flexible to Modify the Dock Style

Developers are allowed to change the style and appearance of these dock controls using Skin property. Besides these existing Skins, developers can also apply their own skins to the dock controls.

Rich Client-side Events

In order to help developers have a good interaction with the dock controls and docking zones on the client side, the PerDock Control for ASP.NET AJAX also provide various client-side events for customizing the behavior of the dock controls.

Support Server-side Programming APIs and Events

Some server-side programming events are also supported by the PerDock Control. For instance, you can easily save the current layout of docked controls into database for later re-loading.
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