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Dock Server Side Event in ASP.NET
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Information to Dock Server-side Event

Among these three dock controls, both PerDockLayout Control and PerDock Control are able to raise server-side events. From this tutorial page, you will find guidance on how to apply these server-side events into these two dock controls in aspx web page.

Server-side Events for DockLayout Control

There are two server-side events that are designed for the PerDockLayout Control to save current layout of docked controls and to re-load saved dock layout from storage medium.
  • SaveDockLayout: this event is raised when the save the current layout of all docked PerDock control on the web page for later usage.
  • LoadDockLayout: this event is raised when the application wants to load previously saved dock control layout from database or cookie.

Server-side Events for Dock Control

As for the PerDock Control, we also provide two server-side events for developers to let ASP.NET web application in response to the clicks that user has performed on the command icons in the dock title bar or in response to the changes that has made to the position of the PerDock control.
  • Command: this event occurs when one command icons in the dock title bar has been clicked by user.
  • Command: this event occurs when one command icons in the dock title bar has been clicked by user.
Note: By default, the PerDock control will not cause a postback after these server-side events until you set additional properties to specify when these events are raised.
Here in order to help you better use these dock server-side events in aspx web page, a sample programming example is listed below. Any advice or suggestion for the dock server-side events triggering application is welcomed.

ASPX code

<kettic:PerDockZone runat="server" ID="PerDockZone1"  CssClass="leftZone" Width="340px" Height="500px" >
<kettic:PerDock runat="server" ID="PerDockMail" Title="Mail" Closed="True" oncommand="PerDockMail_Command" >

C# Code

protected void PerDockMail_Command(object sender, Kettic.ASPX.Controls.DockCommandEventArgs e)
if (e.Command.Name == "Close")
this.btnMail.Enabled = true;

Related Dock Programming Events Tutorials

Apart from the server-side programming events that are discussed in above sections, our dock controls also offers users with some client-side programming events, which are mainly for the PerDock Control. If you want to see detained guidance on how to add client-side programming events to dock control, you can visit this Dock Client-side Events Guiding Page.