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Kettic Input UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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KT.UI PerInput control offers users the easy to use text, number and date input toolkits that can be perfectly combined with external input tools - keyboard and mouse wheel. Besides, more Input control properties (skin and showing) and inputting mode are supported.

Common Features of PerInput Controls for ASP.NET AJAX

KT.UI PerInput control library provides users following product features and benefits:
  • Can be integrated into Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 versions
  • PerInput control can be created within ASP.NET and C# ASP.NET projects
  • Support for text, numeric, currency and percent inputting
  • Support for single-line and multi-line entering modes for PerTextBox, PerNumericTextBox and PerDateInput controls
  • Label adding and customization are allowed
  • Multiple skins are offered for creating a completely user-defined input control
  • Advanced keyboard and mouse wheel handling support
  • A number of client side and serer side events are provided for better user experience
  • Can be displayed on modern web browsers, like Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari as well as Opera

Four PerInput Controls for ASP.NET AJAX

KT.UI PerInput control library for ASP.NET AJAX is well developed to provide users four kinds of input components, four controls are PerTextBox, PerNumericTextBox, PerMaskedTextBox and PerDateInput.

PerInput Manager for ASP.NET AJAX

KT.UI Input Manager for ASP.NET AJAX is designed to help users quickly and efficiently deal with multiple textboxes displaying issue on web page so that users can get good web page performance.

PerInput Style Settings for ASP.NET AJAX

KT.UI for ASP.NET AJAX Input Skin control offers users multiple and customizable skins to create an out of ordinary Input component as well as there are empty style of PerInput, label adding and multi-line options for setting Input control showing.

PerInput Client Side Events for ASP.NET AJAX

More than ten kinds of supportable PerInput client side events are offered, thus, you can respond and reply to users operations without any postback.

PerInput Server Side Events for ASP.NET AJAX

Mature Input server side event - TextChanged event, which will occur as long as users type valid value after the AutoPostBack property has been set to True.
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