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Input Manager in ASP.NET
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KT.UI Input Manager for ASP.NET AJAX is designed to provide users the easiest and most advanced controls to extend a standard web ASP.NET text box. With our Input Manager component within ASP.NET application, it is unnecessary for users to use any external custom code to invoke and apply much useful functionality.
If users want to add and use a couple of web input controls but are afraid that too many input components in a single page will affect the web performance, then, you cannot miss Kettic ASP.NET Input Manager users interface control. Because with the support of text boxes separation function, users can use the certain functionality to separate text boxes or move specific text boxes to another web page.
All in all, KT.UI Input Manager web control can offer users the most standard and efficient tools for web text boxes handling.

ASP.NET Input Manager Settings Overview

Specifically speaking, we offer users five types of settings and functionality that can be used to extend web text boxes:
  • kettic:DateInputSetting: if choose this setting, the web targeted text box can allow for date format inputting.
  • kettic:NumericTextBoxSetting: if users choose this functionality, then you can input numeric value into the web text box.
  • kettic:MaskedTextBoxSetting: in this setting mode, the text box will display and like a default and standardPerMaskedTextBox.
  • kettic:RegExpTextBoxSetting: if apply this setting, the web text box can enable users to input character that is like what user-defined expression.
  • kettic:TextBoxSetting: this setting will display the targeted text box displays like the default PerTextBox.
A note here: each one of these five settings works differently, and users can add and use one or more text boxes on web page and act in any supportable setting.

ASP.NET Sample Codes for Setting Input Manager

Below are the sample codes developed within ASP.NET application that can be used to define all the compatible Input Manager properties. Users can simply copy and paste these demo codes into your built Input Manger ASP.NET control project to apply and set settings above.

<kettic:PerInputManager ID="PerInputManager1" runat="server">
<kettic:TextBoxSetting BehaviorID="PassWordValidation"
Validation-ValidationGroup="Group2" Validation-IsRequired="true">
<kettic:TargetInput ControlID="PassWordLogin"></kettic:TargetInput>

<kettic:RegExpTextBoxSetting BehaviorID="EmailLogin" ErrorMessage="Please, provide a valid e-mail address!"
Validation-ValidationGroup="Group2" ValidationExpression="^[\w\.\-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9\-]+(\.[a-zA-Z0-9\-]{1,})*(\.[a-zA-Z]{2,3}){1,2}$">
<kettic:TargetInput ControlID="EmailLogin"></kettic:TargetInput>

<asp:TextBox ID="PassWordLogin" runat="server" TextMode="Password" ValidationGroup="Group2"> </asp:TextBox>

<asp:TextBox ID="EmailLogin" runat="server" ValidationGroup="Group2"> </asp:TextBox>