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Menu Control for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic menu control library is one of the consisting DLL included in Kettic UI control SDK for ASP.NET AJAX. Using this DLL component, web developer can easily customize and create flexible menu into your web application. Now you can read the following sections to see what you can do with this cool menu control library for ASP.NET.

Menu Control Features & Functionalities

Easy to customize with flexible property settings: Using this Kettic menu control, web developers can easily create a custom menu into ASP.NET web application by customizing a variety of menu properties.
  • Text: You can customize the displaying text for a certain menu item or item sets.
  • Value: You can customize the Value for a menu so you can easily access it while processing it programmatically.
  • ToolTip: You can customize the displaying tooltip for a menu item with a mouse hovering over it.
Provides several menu templates: Kettic menu control also provides several types of menu templates to help you create custom menu. You can select from the three types of menu templates below according to your requirement.
  • Global Item Template: You can change the appearance for all the items within a menu by using this global item template.
  • Individual Item Template: You can also change the appearance for just a single menu item by by applying this item template for it.
  • Content Template: You can apply this content template to add third party control into your menu.
Mobile device compatibility: This menu control for ASP.NET AJAX can also be applied for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and so on. This is easily achieved by setting the Toggle Handling feature. Once set to true, a toggle button will appear beside a parent item, and it will not expand unless it is clicked or touched.
Multiple column presentation: When you have too many menu items to displaying within a small area, you can set this property so that the items can be displayed in multiple columns. You can also control the orientation for it by selecting Horizontal or Vertical to it.
Menu appearance customization: Kettic menu control allows web developers to easily control and customize the menu look and feel in a variety of methods. Here are a few you can try.
  • Add a user specified image to the item
  • Directly use or customize the built-in menu / item skin
  • Modify corresponding css classes
  • Add separators for cosmetic effect in your menu
Support adding animation to menu: This menu control library for ASP.NET AJAX also provides more than 20 types of animation effect which you can add to your menu control for item expanding and collapsing. And there are more properties you can customize.
  • You can define the exact delay time for item expanding
  • You can define the exact delay time for item collapsing
  • You can define the exact time for the animation effect to last
  • You can specify a certain animation type to work for your menu control
Click to open menu feature: If you are not using your web project for mobile environment, you can also try this click to open feature. When set to true, the related child items will only expand when you click on its parent item.
Menu data binding support: Web developers can also populate your menu item and properties with simple data binding. Listed below are few supported data source (hierarchical or flat) for menu data binding.
  • You can bind your menu to XMLDataSource / XML file
  • You can bind your menu to LinqDataSource
  • You can bind your menu to SqlDataSource
  • You can bind your menu to DataTable, DataSet
Server side event and client side event customization: Developers can also customize the available server side events and client side events to create a custom menu in your ASP.NET AJAX web application (Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET supported).
  • You can control ItemClick, ItemCreated, and ItemDataBound through server side event
  • You can control item clicking, opening, closing, populating, blur, focus with client side event
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