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Menu Server Side Events for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic Menu Control, an important composing DLL library for ASP.NET AJAX UI Control Suite, provides a number of server side events to allow web developers customize and create a flexible menu in your web application.
In this guiding page, we are going to introduce to your several server side events, which you can utilize and apply to create a custom menu. Related guiding steps as well as corresponding Visual C# / Visual Basic .NET sample codes will be presented as well for your reference.
In the following sections, we will mainly focus three server side events, that is, ItemClick, ItemCreated, and ItemDataBound. Apart from this server side event guide, you can also find other tutorials to help you create and customize your menu control. We have listed a few here and you can find more options from the right side navigation bar.

ItemClick Server Side Event for Menu

The first server side event we are about to learn here is the ItemClick event. This server side event, as the name suggests, will take place when the user clicks on a menu item, followed by a server postback.
Using this server side event, web developers can configure its respond and interaction once a users clicks on the menu. Right now there are two arguments that this event handler can receive. The first one is a Menu containing the clicked item, and the other one is the EventArgs which allow for your access to the clicked item.

ItemCreated Server Side Event for Menu

The second server side event for Kettic menu control to be introduced here is the ItemCreated event. This event occurs immediately when a new item is created for the menu, or when a new item is added to the Items collection of this menu control.
So under what circumstances can you use this server side event? Web developers can use this server side event to initialize an item when it is added to the menu (not using the data binding method).This event can also receive two types of arguments, a Menu with the just added item, and the EventArgs object providing access to the item.

ItemDataBound Server Side Event for Menu

You can easily tell from the naming that this server side event takes place every time a menu item is bound to a certain data source. To be specific, this event occurs once an item property is set to associate with the value in data source.
Similar to the ItemCreated server side event, this event can also be used to initialize the properties of an item, which is data bound to a certain non-hierarchical data source, which will automatically create hierarchical menu item structure.