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Menu Templates for ASP.NET AJAX
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In this page, we will bring about a detailed introduction for the available menu templates provided by Kettic ASP.NET AJAX Menu Control. This control is a composing part of the Kettic User Interface control SDK for ASP.NET AJAX, and it can be seamlessly integrated into your web application to create flexible menu with custom look and feel.
Using menu templates is one of the options for users to change your menu look and feel with ease. Once this menu control is integrated into your MS Visual Studio web application, web developers can use a menu template to add all kinds of content inside your menu.
  • You can embed other Kettic UI web controls or other third party components into your menu.
  • You can embed ASP.NET server control library into your menu.
  • You can also directly embed some HTML markup into your menu.
Please note that apart from using a menu template, there are also other methods for web developers to customize your menu appearance. For example, you can add a special image, use built-skins, customize pre-configured skins, or use css classes, just to name a few here.

Add Item Templates for Menu

To begin with, web designers and programmers can directly add an item template for your menu control library. Right now there are two types of item templates which you can choose either to apply to an individual menu item or to all the items in a menu.
You can select the global menu item template to change the look and feel of all the items within a single menu once and for all. Generally you can apply this global template to specify some basic settings for your menu items.
However, if you want to define some detailed customization for a single or just several items within your menu (without affecting the other items), you can opt for the individual item template for the needed ones.
To learn how to apply item template for your menu control, web developers can go to the corresponding demo page to view the complete sample of ASPX and Visual C# / Visual Basic .NET programming codes.

Add Content Templates for Menu

As we have introduced menu item templates above, web programmers can also opt for the content template for your menu. You can apply this content template to either a root item or a child item for a template, but note that the applied item itself should not have a child item, as the content in the template is used for that.
Another thing you should note is that Kettic menu control also provides data binding functionality when you apply menu templates, in case you might want to associate the templates within your menu properties to specific data from your data base. You can learn more information from this menu data binding guiding page.