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Kettic ComboBox UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic ComboBox UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Similar to other UI Controls for ASP.NET AJAX, this PerComboBox Control can not only own the ability to create a combobox in aspx web page but also have the function to customize the appearance and other functional settings of created combobox. And in this product guiding page, we will briefly list and illustrate the features and functions that this ASP.NET AJAX ComboBox Control has embedded. And you can read detailed programming tutorials by visiting attached links.

Function Illustration

The PerComboBox Control is a business-oriented UI Control, which integrates the latest ASP.NET AJAX technologies with advanced combobox creating and customizing functions. And in this part, we will list the main functions of the ASP.NET AJAX UI ComboBox Control.

Custom ComboBox Item Properties

To help developers add and display custom items in combobox, the PerComboBox Control offers several properties for users to customize the items settings, including Text, ToolTip, Value and ImageUrl.

Advanced ComboBox Features

There are several advanced and unique features that this PerComboBox Control has provided for developers to create a better business-oriented combobox object, like sorting feature, load-on-demand mechanism for faster loading lots of items, four available render modes for displaying the combobox with the mode that best fits the currently used browser, the checkbox support to display items in the form of check box, the filtering function to display items that contain certain search text, the validation support to validate the combobox and the auto-complete function.

Rich Templates for Item, Header and Footer

The PerComboBox Control allows users to add text, image, checkbox or even other third-party controls to the template of item. And the template of header and footer can be also changed in response to the item template.

Supported Data Binding Types

The PerComboBox Control allows developers to bind data from various data types, including Array, ArrayList, ASP.NET DataSource and XML file, into target combobox object.

Supported Programming Events and APIs

To help developers customize the behavior of the combobox, the PerComboBox Control offers a list of server-side APIs and client-side events to detect and respond to the actions that are performed by end users.
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