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ComboBox Feature CheckBox Support in ASP.NET
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Information to ComboBox CheckBox Support

The ComboBox Control from our UI SDK for ASP.NET AJAX allows developers to apply the CheckBox mode into the combobox instead of the common selection mode. To put it in another way, with the ComboBox CheckBox Support, all the combobox items will be shown in the form of checkbox in the drop-down list. After you check one or more items in the asp.net combobox drop-down list, these checked items will automatically be displayed in the input area, separated by comma.
And this online tutorial will guide you to apply this combobox checkbox function in aspx web page with easy and clear programming example.

Properties of ComboBox CheckBox Support

After applying the CheckBox function, the web combobox will be changed into form that is different from the standard combobox. And in this section, we will introduce some new properties that you can use after you change the combobox into the check box mode.
  • CheckBoxes: after you set the CheckBoxes property to true, the items in the combobox will be displayed in the form of checkbox.
  • Enable CheckAllItems CheckBox: if you set this property to true, then a "check all" check box will appear ahead of all items in the drop-down list. And you can check or uncheck all items contained in the combobox with one click.
  • CheckedItems: this property is a collection property, which can be used in both client side and server side.
  • Checked: this property determines whether a combobox item will be checked or not.
Here we offer a sample code which will show you how to use above properties of combobox checkbox properties in aspx web page.
<kettic:PerComboBox ID="PerComboBox1" runat="server" 
CheckBoxes="true" EnableCheckAllItemsCheckBox="true"
Width="300" Label="Select book genres:">
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Arts" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Biographies" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Children's Books" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Computers &amp; Internet" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Cooking" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="History" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Fiction" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Mystery" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Nonfiction" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Romance" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Science Fiction" />
<kettic:PerComboBoxItem Text="Travel" />
The image below shows the result of above programming example.

Unsupported Common ComboBox Features

After the combobox check box mode is activated, some common features that can be often used in standard combobox will not be available in the check box mode combobox, like
  • Auto-complete feature
  • Filter feature
  • Load-on-demand feature

Other Recommended ComboBox Features