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Tab Control in ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic tab control is one of the most popular navigation components included in the Kettic User Interface Libraries SKD for ASP.NET AJAX web application. It is exclusively built for .NET, and can be seamlessly integrated into .NET Framework (4.0 or above) and MS Visual Studio (2010 and above).
In the following sections, we will provide you with a basic introduction for this control, along with the special features and functionalities. Please note that we also provide free trial package so you proceed with an evaluation, which you can get by clicking the download button on top of this web page.
Please note that this page only focus on the relatively hot topics and features, and a whole lot more stuff are for you to discover by testing the trial. Alternatively, you can send an email to our support team for a quick response.

Get to Know Tab Control

Using Kettic tab control for ASP.NET AJAX, web developers can have full access to all kinds of tab properties which are necessary for your tab customization. In the list below, we have list a few of them, and you can find more from the tab element guiding page.
  • You can customize Text property for your tab to decide what should be displayed for it.
  • You can customize Value property so you can have easy access to a tab programmatically.
  • You can customize NavigateUrl Property so you can specify a tab to navigate to another web page.
With this tab control integrated into your ASP.NET AJAX web application, web developers can also rearrange the order of your tabs with a simple drag and drop. You can drag the tab freely between its own level tabs and drop it within no time.
In addition, web developers can also apply the tab scrolling features with this ASP.NET AJAX tab control, if you are ever in a situation where there are just too many tabs to be displayed at one time. Below are the options you can take for applying tab scrolling.
  • You can enable tab scrolling for the root tabs as well as the child tabs.
  • You can select from three different locations for the tab scrolling buttons to appear.
  • You can also control the scroll button behaviors with simple programming.
Moreover, web developers can populate your tab control through data binding to a user defined data source. This can be achieved programmatically with simple demo codes. Listed are the data binding options that you can try.
  • You can apply tab control data binding to DataSet, DataTable.
  • You can apply tab control data binding to XMLDataSource, XML file.
  • You can apply tab control data binding to LinqDataSource.
Last but not the least, Kettic tab control also provides a number of client side events and server side events to help you easily control the tab behaviors and interaction to create a custom tab with programming language.
  • You can control the tab loading with client side events.
  • You can control the mouse over / off, tab enabled / disabled, tab selected / seleting / unseleted, tab reorder behaviors with client side events.
  • You can control the tab creating, tab data binding and tab reordering behavior with server side events.
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