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Tab Data Binding in ASP.NET AJAX
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Kettic Tab Control is one of the component libraries included in the ASP.NET AJAX UI (User Interface) SDK. This control provides a variety of flexible features and powerful functions for you to create a custom tab into your ASP.NET AJAX web application.
This guiding page is mainly written as an introduction to the data binding functionality of your tab control for ASP.NET AJAX. Several types of data sources which supported by Kettic tab control, such as DataTable, XMLDataSource, LinqDataSource, will be introduced to you along with corresponding sample codes.
Of course, apart from this data binding tutorial, we will also provide other guidance for you to create and customize your ASP.NET AJAX tab control. We have listed a few here for your reference, and you will find more from the right side navigation.

Tab Control Data Binding Properties

Before you read the following sections for different data types which you can bind to your tab control, there are three properties which you should get to know first as they are of importance for your data binding procedure.
  • DataTextField: By setting this property, web developers can bind a data source to the Text property of a concerning tab, so that you do not have to input the Text manually.
  • DataValueField: As the name suggests, developers can configure this property to assign a certain data source to the Value property of a target tab or tab set.
  • DataNavigateUrl: Web developers can also set this property to specify a certain data source to the NavigateUrl property of a target tab or tab set.

Tab Control Data Binding to DataTable

Using Kettic tab control for ASP.NET AJAX web application, web developers can find it so easy to bind your tab to DataTable. All you need to do is simply cerate the data table with programming codes, and then you can bind the data source to your tab with the detailed sample codes provided in the corresponding demo page.

Tab Control Data Binding to XMLDataSource

If you have any hierarchical data source, which you might need to bind to a tab set with children tabs, you can try binding this tab control to an XMLDataSource. If the XMLDataSource is hierarchical, the tab control will automatically inherit the hierarchical structure.
You can also view the binding effect from the data binding demo page, and also get the complete sample codings for it. If you have additional questions, you can just send an email to our customer service support.

Tab Control Data Binding to LinqDataSource

Users can also bind your tab control to LinqDataSource with the guidance provided in the data binding demo page. This is another way to bind your tab to data source with hierarchical structure apart from binding to XMLDataSource.