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ToolBar Server Side Events in ASP.NET
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Toolbar control, which is a composing component library of the Kettic UI Control SDK for ASP.NET AJAX, is a professional and powerful solution to help you add a flexible toolbar into your web application easily.
This page is actually a detailed tutorial, which will introduce to you the commonly used server side events provided by Kettic toolbar control. By customizing the corresponding server side events, users will find it quite an easy job to control the behavior of your toolbar.
Apart from this server side event guide, Kettic have also provided you with a few more user manuals which you can read and learn how to create a custom toolbar as you wish. We have listed a few here, and you can find more samples from the demo page.

Button Click Server Side Event

There are a few server side events supported by Kettic toolbar UI control, and in this first section, we will introduce button click event to you to get it started. With this server side event, you can easily set the toolbar to respond to complicated actions, instead of the basic behaviors controlled by client-side events.
The button click server side event takes place when the user or developer clicks on the related button, and this clicking action is followed by a postback. This server side event deals with both the toolbar containing the clicked button, and the toolbar event args object, though which you can access the clicked button.

Button Data Binding Server Side Event

When web developers have loaded a button from a data source, such as DataTable or Array, as we have introduced in the toolbar data binding page, the Button Data Binding server side event occurs once this new button is inserted into a toolbar item collection.
In the list below, we have presented what happens when a new button is added to toolbar from a data source.
  • Create a new item and then add it to the Kettic toolbar item collection;
  • The event for creating a toolbar item takes place;
  • Set the Text and Value item properties according to the data source;
  • Finally the Button Data Binding event takes place.

Item Created Server Side Event

The Item Created is another imported server side event provided by Kettic ToolBar UI control for ASP.NET AJAX. Whenever you need to add a new item to the toolbar collection you will need to use this server side event, as this event occurs each time a new item is embedded.
This server side event deals with the toolbar for loading item, as well as the EventArgs object. As a result, you can use this Item Created event to freely customize and modify the items to be added to your toolbar. In the demo page, you will find complete Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET sample codes for you to apply this event and more.