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Create a Simple FileManager in ASP.NET AJAX
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Read other FileManager related user manuals, and you will see this control can provide you with a variety of functionalities to integrate customized file management feature to your application. In this tutorial, we will provide you with step by step guide to show how you can create an ASP.NET web application with Kettic FileManager control integrated and customized.

Create an ASP.NET Web Application

  1. First of all please open your Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 File menu and select New | Web Site;
  2. In the pop up window, please select "ASP.NET Web Site", and then input a desired file name and location path for it, as has been shown in the screenshot below;
  3. Now an ASP.NET Web Site is successfully created!

Add FileManager Control to Page

  1. In order to add Kettic FileManager to your project, you need to enable the AJAX for this web page by dragging an AjaxPanel component from the Toolbox to the default webpage;
  2. Now you can directly add this control by dragging Kettic FileManager component from your Toolbox and drop to the AjaxPanel;
  3. Congratulations! The FileManager control is now added to your web page!

Customize FileManager Properties

  1. Now please opt for the Design view for your default web page, and then click the PerFileManger's SmartTag, as is shown in the demo picture here:
  2. Click to open the dropdown menu for Skin, and a list pops up with a bunch of skin templates for your file manager interface. Please select one as you like it.
  3. It's done. This is a brief sample of a Kettic FileManager! You can also make further adjustments to alter its appearance and settings.