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FileManager Skins in ASP.NET
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To provide you with rich options for skin and appearance styling, Kettic FileManager control offers two types of css files whose properties and values you can customize to create desired padding, margin, font-size, font-family, or skin, layout, just to name a few.
Using these css files and properties, your users can find it quite easy to create a custom skin for the FileManager control. When you are done with editing that particular file, you can save it for future use, and the skin which contains skin-specific properties, will keep the reference to images, colors, borders and backgrounds.
In addition, Kettic FileManager has also created a number of skin templates for you to select from, which contains some specific colors, borders, navigation toolbars, and so on. Besides these settings, we also provide you with image icons which you can apply in your skins.

Customize FileManager Toolbar

  • Adjust Kettic FileManager control toolbar opacity / transparency
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar outer, middle and inner appearance
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar wrapper element
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar text, only text style
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar ordered list, and unordered list
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar new folder text style
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar icon delete text, upload text
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar icon back text, forward text
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar icon open text
  • Adjust FileManager toolbar no icon text, no icon checked

Customize FileManager Specific Skin Settings

  • Apply sprite background buttons to the skin specific toolbar
  • Set border color to the FileManager elements
  • Customize style for the dialog separator to mimic splitter
  • Customize Styles for the selected file name
Besides the css properties introduced above, Kettic FileManager also provides some other settings to help you customize FileManager file extensions, tree view styles, grid view styles, and so on. Please find more details from the API in the download package.