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FileManager Feature Filter in ASP.NET
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Although Kettic ASP.NET AJAX UI Suite does include a filter control which provides complete filtering for all kinds of scenarios, some other functions also provides simple file filtering function, such as this FileManager control.
In the following sections, we will provide you with a simple introduction to how you how to filter the files and folders in Kettic file manager grid. But first of all, you need to set true to the EnableFilterTextBox property so that a search box will appear in the header of the grid, and thus all the related properties can be customized and applied.
EnableFilterTextBox: This property, when set to true, can render a textbox which can be used to filter the files in the grid. If you ever need to use the filter function and adjust its behavior later, you should remember setting true to this property in the first place.
EnableFilteringOnEnterPressed: As the name suggests, this property, when set to true, will enable file or folder filtering once you have pressed the Enter button. This property has a default value of false, so that filtering is preformed each time you hit a keystroke. Unless you do not want it to work this way, just set true to it. Additionally, this property can only customizable once you have enabled the filter textbox first.
FilterTextBoxLabel: If you set true to this property, the FileManager control will display the text of the label right next to the filter textbox.
OnClientFilter: This property indicate the name of the javascript function that is called only when the user proceed the file filtering in the grid.
After the introduction above, you might have got a general idea of the file filtering function provided by FileManager control. Here are the corresponding ajax codes:
<kettic:PerFileManager runat="server" ID="FileManager1" 
Width="520px" Height="320px"
AllowPaging="true" PageSize="6" EnableFilterTextBox="true"
<Configuration ViewPaths="/Images/FileManager"></Configuration>
And these are the javascript sample codes:
<script type="text/javascript">
function logEvent(message) {
var eventLogConsole = $get("<%=eventLog.ClientID%>");
eventLogConsole.innerHTML += message + "<br>";

function OnClientFilter(sender, eventArgs) {
logEvent("Filter event: The user searched for <strong>\"" + eventArgs.get_text() + "\"</strong> keyword.");