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MonthYearPicker in ASP.NET AJAX
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Information to MonthYearPicker

By implementing the MonthYearPicker control of Kettic Web Calendar for ASP.NET AJAX, we can simply and quickly set monthyear picker on a web page that can still be in good performance.

DatePopupButton Within ASP.NET Application

asp.net month year picker1.png

By clicking the button in the right corner in the sample image, we can set the basic properties of MonthYearPicker, such as its Visible, ImageUrl, Border,ToolTip, BackColor and any other related attribute.
And in general circumstance, monthyearpicker consists of three parts: MonthYearTableView, DateInput.DateInput and MonthYearTableView, which can be displayed by left-clicking DatePopupButton, the window for choosing and setting time.

MonthYearpicker Properties Within ASP.NET Application

  • MaxDate/MinDate: the maximum and minimum date that can be set with the support of Datetimepicker.
  • Culture: if we apply and change this property, the text of monthyearpicker will be change at the same time.
  • PopupDirection: we can freely move monthyearpicker to these four directions: TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft and BottomRight with the support of this property.

MonthYearTableViewer Within ASP.NET Application

  • CancelButtonCaption: is designed to set the text of CancleBotton.
  • OkButtonCaption: is used to set the text of OkButton.
  • TodayButtonCaption: is used to set the text of TodayButton.
  • NavigationNextImage/NavigationPrevImage: the displaying image when page up and page down.
  • NavigationNextText/NavigationPrevText: the displaying text when page up and page down.
  • NavigationNextToolTip/NavigationPrevToolTip: the displaying tooltip when page up and page down.

DateInput Within ASP.NET Application

  • DateFormat: use this property to set the format of input time of time viewer.
  • DisplayDateFormat: is used to display the time format.
  • Apprearance: use this property to set the appearance of dateinput, which concludes backcolor, textcolor, Border and others.

Animation Within ASP.NET Application

Two choices are supportable for animation: ShowAnimation and HideAnimation. If we choose ShowAnimation, there will be animation appending when the calendar popups and closes.
  • Duration: the time animation keeps.
  • Type: Fade and Slide are both compatible.
Following are the demo ASPX codes for setting above mentioned MonthYearPicker properties. You can directly copy and paste them into your web ASP.NET project to define your MonthYearPicker. For C# demo codes of setting MonthYearPicker, please go to the relevant page.

<kettic:MonthYearPickerID="MonthYearPicker1" runat="server"
Culture="English" MinDate="01/01/2000" MaxDate="01/01/3000"
PopupDirection="BottomRight" EnableShadows="true" ShowAnimation-Duration="300"
<DatePopupButtonBorderColor="AliceBlue" Visible="true" BorderWidth="3" />
NavigationNextToolTip="Next View" NavigationPrevText="Prev"
NavigationPrevToolTip="Previous View" />
<DateInputDateFormat="MMMM/yyyy" DisplayDateFormat="MMMM/yyyy"
Following is the compliant demo image of monthyear picker created by above programming codes.

asp.net month year picker2.png