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Calendar Navigation Controls in ASP.NET AJAX
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Information to Calendar Navigation Controls

Kettic UI Calendar for ASP.NET AJAX provides a set of properties to allow developers and end users to set and define the appearance of the calendar navigation controls that included in the calendar title bar area.
In this page, we display all the related sample images and detailed demonstrations for asp.net calendar navigation controls. And before moving to next section, we give some information of calendar navigation button. Within kettic ASP.NET AJAX calendar application, the navigation button can be user-defined; it can be enabled or disabled by setting the Navigation button property. The default value of navigation button is True, which means the navigation button will appear in the title, while if it is set as False, the navigation button won't exist.

Forward 1 Viewer/ Back 1 Viewer

forward 1 button image.pngback 1 button image.png Move forward or backward in one unit
  • NavigationPrevImage/ NavigationNextImage: move to previous or next image view
  • NavigationPrevText/ NavigationNextText: move to previous or next text view, and we can only set property either of image or text
  • NavigationPrevToolTip/ NavigationNextToolTip: move to previous or tooltip view, when the mouse hovers on this button, the tooltip can appear

Forward N Views/ Back N Views

forward n button image.pngback n button image.png Move forward or backward in uncertain unit, which can be set by using FastNavigationStep property
  • FastNavigationPrevImage/ FastNavigationNextImage: move back or to next image based on the number of views that the FastNavigationStep property specifies
  • FastNavigationPrevText/ FastNavigationNextText: move back or to next text view based on the number of views that the FastNavigationStep property specifies
  • FastNavigationPrevToolTip/ FastNavigationNextToolTip: move back or to next tooltip based on the number of views that the FastNavigationStep property specifies

Month and Year Selector

Simple sreenshot of month and year selector.

month and year selector image.png
  • CancelButtonCaption : is used to define the caption of the Cancel button.
  • OkButtonCaption: is designed to specify the caption of the OK button.
  • TodayButtonCaption: is used to specify the title of the Today button.
  • EnableTodayButtonSelection: is used to set whether clicking the today button to select the current day and move to the view that contains the current day.
  • DateIsOutOfRangeMessage: is developed to specify the message that appears and notes when user tries to move to a date that is out of range.

How to Set Calendar Navigation Controls Within ASP.NET Application

Please refer to ASPX example codes below to set and define calendar navigation control. Here is the quick access to C# calendar navigation controls.

<kettic:PerCalendar ID="PerCalendar1" runat="server"
TitleFormat="MMM yyyy" NavigationPrevImage="~/Images/Calendar/prev.jpg"
NavigationPrevToolTip="forward" NavigationNextImage="~/Images/Calendar/next.jpg"
NavigationNextToolTip="back" FastNavigationPrevImage="~/Images/Calendar/fastprev.jpg"
FastNavigationPrevToolTip="farward n" FastNavigationNextImage="~/Images/Calendar/fastnext.jpg"
FastNavigationNextToolTip="back n" FastNavigationSettings-CancelButtonCaption="Cancel"