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Calendar Feature Multi-View in ASP.NET
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Overview on Calendar Multi-View Mode

Kettic Calendar Controls for ASP.NET AJAX offers users mature and reliable tools to set calendar in single-view or multi-view mode within ASP.NET project. In calendar single-view mode, users can only view date and time for one month in calendar area, while in multi-view, users are able to easily and quickly get information of two or more months.
With web calendar feature library support, users can simply configure and set Calendar control to show more than one month in the calendar area. If users want to enable multi-view mode, juest need to set the MultiViewRows and MultiViewColumns properties to modify the number of month views to appear in each row and column.
In order to get better visualizing effect, when using Multi-view mode, users are supposed to use the CalendarTableStyle property to provide some separation between the individual web calendar views.

How to Set Calendar Multi-View Mode in ASP.NET

As mentioned above, there is no limitation for setting the number of calendar raw and column in Multi-View mode. Following demo image is a calendar screenshot that shows 12 month together.

Please refer to following sample ASPX codes to set calendar in multi-view mode with multi-view row=4 and column=3 and the method "FocuseDate" means the start date. And of course, you can set the number of raw and column according to your own needs and there is no limitation for this.

<kettic:PerCalendar ID="PerCalendar1" runat="server" CultureInfo="en-US" FocusedDate="2014-01-01"
MultiViewRows="4" MultiViewColumns="3">
Following are C# demo codes for setting multi-view mode for C# using developers and end users. In the demo codes, we set calendar raw=4 and column=9. If you need to have further modification, you can be free to set raw and column to any value.

PerCalendar1.MultiViewRows = 4;
PerCalendar1.MultiViewColumns = 3;
PerCalendar1.FocusedDate = new DateTime(2014, 1, 1);
And please note that: calendar multi-view node is valid only when you set AutoPostBack="true". Thus, if a Calendar control is used as the popup control inside the embedded DatePicker or PerDateTimePicker control, users cannot use multi-view mode.

More Calendar Feature Tutorials in ASP.NET

In addition to calendar multi-view feature setting, Kettic Calendar Components for ASP.NET AJAX still support to customize and define more other features: day matrix, managing dates and date selection. Please see following recommended guides to get detailed information.