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How to Put up Navigation Controls of Calendar Using C#
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Kettic C# ASP.NET calendar component offers a numbers of navigation properties to display and choose date, month and year values.
As demonstrated in ASP.NET calendar navigation control tutorial, each navigation button has three properties that can be used to control its appearance: image attribute, text property, and tooltip attribute. The meaning of these three properties is very easy: if we choose the image property, the image will be used to represent the button; if we set the property as text, the button will be represented in text and if we select tooltip property, the tooltip will appear when we hover the mouse over the button.

Use C# Codes to Set Forward 1 Viewer/ Back 1 Viewer

As you can see from the sample navigation button image, the arrow buttons ("<" or ">") is usd to click to move the view back or forward in single-view mode. However, if the asp.net calendar is in multi-view mode, we can click these buttons to change the view by the number of months shown in a single view.
PerCalendar1.EnableNavigation = true;
PerCalendar1.NavigationPrevImage = "~/Images/Calendar/prev.jpg";
PerCalendar1.NavigationPrevToolTip = "forward";
PerCalendar1.NavigationNextImage = "~/Images/Calendar/next.jpg";
PerCalendar1.NavigationNextToolTip = "back";

Use C# Codes to Set Forward N Views/ Back N Views

This property will appear as double arrow buttons ("<<" or ">>") that can be used to move the current view by a fixed number of views, which is set by the FastNavigationStep control. The interpretations for Forward N Views/ Back N Views in image, text and tooltip properties are as below:
  • FastNavigationPrevImage/ FastNavigationNextImage: move back or to next image based on the number of views set by FastNavigationStep
  • FastNavigationPrevText/ FastNavigationNextText: move back or to next text view based on the number of views controlled by FastNavigationStep
  • FastNavigationPrevToolTip/ FastNavigationNextToolTip: move back or to next tooltip based on the number of views that the FastNavigationStep property specifies
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationPrevImage = "~/Images/Calendar/fastprev.jpg";
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationPrevToolTip = "forward n";
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationNextImage = "~/Images/Calendar/fastnext.jpg";
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationNextToolTip = "back n";
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationStep = 5;

Use C# Codes to Set Month and Year Selector

When set month and year values with calendar selectors within C# ASP.NET application, we are supposed to be familiar with the related following properties:
  • CancelButtonCaption: is used to customize the caption of the Cancel button.
  • OkButtonCaption is designed to specify the headline of the OK button.
  • TodayButtonCaption: is used to specify the caption of the Today button.
  • EnableTodayButtonSelection: is used to set whether clicking the today button to select the current day and move to the view that contains the current day.
  • DateIsOutOfRangeMessage is developed to specify the text that appears and notes when user tries to move to a date that is out of range.
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationStyle.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Solid;
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationStyle.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue;
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationStyle.Width = 3;
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationSettings.CancelButtonCaption = "Cancel";
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationSettings.OkButtonCaption = "OK";
PerCalendar1.FastNavigationSettings.TodayButtonCaption = "Today";