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Button Skins in ASP.NET
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Information to Button Skin

Button skin, which consists of a set of images and a CSS style sheet, owns the ability to change the appearance of button and change the impression that the button will leave on you at your first sight. The PerButton from our ASP.NET AJAX offers a set of preset button skins for users to freely choose from. And the Skin can be also applied to other control elements, like items.
Of course, if our existing skins can not meet your need, you can also set the button with the skin that you create by yourself. And in following text, we will offer a step by step tutorial for you on how to change the button skin style using your own skin.

Customize Button Skins

You can set the button with one of our preset skins by using the Skin property. Also, you can also use the skin that you created yourself. In this part, we will put the focus on how to use your own skin with PerButton control in ASP.NET web application. And when you are using your own skin, it is recommended to create your button with one of our provided skin options and then change it with your own one.
To use your own skin in PerButton control, you have to implement following three steps.
  1. Add the new CSS file to your project.
  2. Drag and drop the CSS file from the Project Explorer onto your own Web page.
  3. Set the EnableEmbeddedSkins property of the control to False.
Note: The skin has two main elements, which are image and a CSS style sheet. And the CSS file, whose name is in the pattern of PerButton.[SkinName].css, can be found at the directory of ...Skins/[SkinName]. And you can found the images of the skin at the directory of Skins/[SkinName]/Image. The images can be referenced by name within the CSS Stylesheet.